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Physician Services 2

Improve Patient Outcomes with Coordinated Care

  • Patient access to over 30 Physiomed paramedical locations
  • Streamlined progress reports for referred or rostered patients
  • Uninsured services opportunities for medical doctors and professionals

Far too often, a lack of coordination between a patient’s Medical Doctor and the paramedical providers they’ve referred the patient to for treatment results in gaps in the patient’s care history and missed opportunities for optimizing care and longer-term health outcomes.

Physiomed’s Physician Services program has been designed to help bridge this gap and support improved patient outcomes. When you refer a patient or when a rostered patient from your practice otherwise attends 3-4 sessions at any of our 30+ paramedical clinics, we provide a progress report for your review. This easily accessible, streamlined and user-friendly report helps to keep you updated on your patient’s progress and provides a basis for additional communication and coordination regarding your patient’s care, as needed.

This program also supports uninsured services opportunities for Physicians and other community medical professionals.

Physiomed Physician Services is also pleased to offer Physiomed Topical. This topical pain cream contains l-Menthol USP-grade and provides a temporary, fast-acting pain relief option for patients suffering from muscle and joint pain. There are also prescription strength options available through M-Line Pharmacy.

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