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Shovelling Snow & Back Pain: Staying Safe and Pain...

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 15-02-2023

Jun 14

Spine Trivia: Weird & Wacky Facts About the Bac...

We thought we’d have fun with this month’s blog post. That’s why we...

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May 25

3 Small Posture Changes That Will Improve Your Golf ...

Proper posture makes for a better golfer. However, it’s easy to forget how to hold your body ac...

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Apr 19

3 Proper Postures For Your Workplace...

You hear a lot about posture these days. People are becoming aware of the significant role that p...

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  • Many people want to lose belly fat for aesthe...

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May 15

Restoring Balance with Vestibular Physical Therapy...

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  • Vestibular physical therapy, or physiotherapy...

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May 01

Tennis Elbow: Top Exercises for Relief & Recove...

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  • Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a ...

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