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Hockey Conditioning Program

If you’re one of the many Canadians who loves to play our national game, you know that hockey is a physically demanding sport. Physiomed can help you develop the power and endurance you need to excel.

We’ll begin with a whole body physical assessment, with a focus on the strength, mobility and stability that hockey demands. We’ll then develop an individualized program that combines therapeutic treatments and sport-specific conditioning to help you improve your hockey performance.

Sport-specific Conditioning to Improve Hockey Performance

How Physiomed Can Help

Our hockey conditioning program will give you:

  • Improved upper body and core strength for increased shot power
  • Improved lower body and core strength for faster, more powerful skating
  • Improved endurance
  • Better pre and post-game nutrition
  • Fewer future injuries

If you play hockey, Book an appointment today and let us help you get in peak condition for the game!

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