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Tackling Seasonal Allergies

Posted by Dr. Scott Wilson | 30-Apr-2014

While spring officially arrived last month, our longer than usual winter and colder than usual spring has pushed the start of spring allergies from April to May. For many people, actually one in six Canadians, this means itchy or runny eyes, sneezing, headaches, a stuffy or runny nose and a variety of other symptoms that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months (depending on the type and amount of pollen released and how hot & dry the season ends up being). If you’re a long time allergy sufferer or if you’re allergies are just developing, here are some simple tips to help get you through the coming season:
Keeping you windows and doors tightly closed as often as possible will help to prevent pollen and other allergens from entering your home. Of course, this means everyone in the household has to do their part.
While drying your clothes outside does save energy and allows for that fresh outdoor smell, it also allows pollen and other allergens into your home and next to your skin.
To help minimize your exposure to pollen and other allergens, try to avoid spending too much time outdoors when pollen counts are high. If possible, try to plan your activities accordingly.
While this may not always be possible or practical (especially if you’re going back out again), this can help to reduce the number/amount of allergens you bring into your home.
Following these tips should help to reduce your overall level of discomfort this allergy season. Of course, there are also a number of prescription & non-prescription medications available for more severe reactions.

Dr. Scott Wilson

Dr. Scott Wilson is the Founder & Chairman of Physiomed; one of Canada’s largest franchised networks of inter-disciplinary healthcare clinics. A graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Dr. Wilson founded Physiomed in 1994 and has since grown Physiomed to over 30 clinics in Southern Ontario and British Columbia. With hundreds of practitioners from over a dozen disciplines, Dr. Wilson and Physiomed have helped over 100,000 Canadians with physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, orthotic therapy, compression therapy and clinical conditioning as part of a program of rehabilitation and health optimization. In addition to helping patients improve their physical and mental well-being, Dr. Wilson has also mentored hundreds of practitioners to provide better care while enjoying more fulfilling careers. He is also a keynote speaker on many health related topics including how physiotherapy, chiropractic and health & wellness treatment can help with stress, weight loss, and unlocking the true potential within to achieve lasting physical well-being.

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